Call for Proposals

International Conference on Love Studies: Towards Research-Based Knowledge of Love

Dates: 2–7 January, 2024

Location: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain + Virtual Online Streaming

International Institute of Love Studies is convening its first conference, which will focus on presentations and discussions of recent research on love as a relationship and as a universal concept with historical, social, cultural and personality variations.

The advisory board of the conference invites researchers and practitioners from various disciplines to present their work on a wide range of love-related topics. This will be a hybrid conference with live and virtual presentations. Presenters will have the option to present their talks in person or virtually via video conferencing.

The Diverse Themes of the Conference

We consider love as polysemous and welcome a broad range of modalities for the study of love, including but not exclusive to: political, economic, psychological, anthropological, epistemic, philosophical, theological, literary, historic, evolutionary and social foci or some combination thereof. The goal is to explore and examine love in all its contexts, epistemes, and ontologies. We also welcome papers focusing on contexts or social norms that curtail or inhibit the experience and expression of love. In short, any kind of study of love is of interest for this conference. We emphasize that the conference is intentionally multidisciplinary.

The purpose of the conference is to enrich understanding of the polysemous, multidimensional nature of love through the cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge from various disciplines. We are open to different methodologies from different fields of knowledge.

Scholarly knowledge of love is dispersed around the world and across disciplines. Let’s bring them together in a universal, yet culturally specific, scholarly framework through which we explore the nature of love as perhaps the most important concept at the disposal of humanity in our quest to build a more humane and sustainable world.

You can read more about the submission of proposals here.